Sunday, September 14, 2008

Altered Small Notebooks

These small notebooks I found at a dollar store. I have a craft show coming up in October at our local mall and thought that these would be perfect to sell. I still have a few more to alter. The first one is done with the Silhouette paper and some of our flowers. I thought that it turned out pretty well. This next one is using the Enchantment paper pack. I think that it needs something but am not sure what. Any ideas would be appreciated. This one I used the Sarsparilla paper pack and the Lovely Buckles stamp set. I thought that it turned out pretty good. Sorry the picture didn't turn out as well. I think this needs something too but not sure what. This last one is my favorite. I used the Everlasting Paper and the Snow Friends stamp set.


Tracy said...

Okay for the Enchantment notebook, what about a small leaf on the lower right saying Notes.

For the Sarsparilla, it needs something I agree, I would put a silver photo hanger as the piece that holds it together... following... ??

Agree the snow friends is my favorite too!

Good job Kami!!

Too bad Joe won't let me do any places this year...

Kami said...

I like the leaf idea with Notes on it. Will have to do that. The Sarsparilla is still questionable. I thought that maybe I would put a tag in the lower right that said Notes on it. Do you think that would look better?